Hall Decoration Ideas For Wedding Receptions

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Reshape Your Own Table Numbers

Desire something unique to your table tags? Think about number presentation. Display names or your table numbers on unique vessels such as wine bottles, lanterns, moss topiaries or pennant flags.

Insert a Sprig of Herbs

Simply because you are having a formal wedding does not mean you can not have a bit fun with your décor. Add herbs like rosemary or lavender for a aromatic touch to the location settings.

Make Chalkboard Signage

Chalkboards are a great way to decorate a entry or jazz up the cocktail bar. Personalize it by spray-painting it to suit the rest of your décor and thrifting a classic framework. Drape with a flower or greenery garland and chalk off!

Make a Family Photo Wall

For a simple conversation starter, make a wall of household wedding photos. Devote a row into the family, you to yours of your partner or just mix them all up. Option idea: Showcase your (new!) family tree.

Produce an Escort Card Screen

Instead of having an escort card table, make a bulletin board of seats assignments and display it around the entrance of the reception area. Bonus: You will not have guests squinting at tiny cards that are tented, trying to decipher their table amount.

Drape the Ceilings

It's amazing what a tiny cloth can do. Keep it formal and elegant with cloth, or whether you're after a fun vibe, opt for a bright color like yellow. Bonus: you may go light and Take this approach and still get the same reception look that is decked-out.

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Hang Your Flowers

Think flowers are only to your tables? Think again. Suspending lush arrangements a few feet above your guests' dinner plates is an enjoyable way to create a space that is more intimate. (This suggestion is especially handy if you are not really fond of your venue's carpeting--just keep folks looking up!)

Use a Table Runner That Pops

Search for modern table décor inspiration, like this patterned table runner. Rather than having several big floral centerpieces, space them out in smaller bud vases to span the length of the runner (and flaunt the pattern). This vibrant detail will make your china pop.

Hang (a Ton of) Paper Lanterns

We all know--paper lanterns are nothing new. But multiply the number of lanterns you see hanging in a reception space and it is a totally different story.

Opt for Wood

If you're picking between plastic chairs and tables versus timber, go together with the pure option. Timber has a means of looking a lot more polished, although it is still possible to opt for seats to get a cost point.